Pictures from 2001

Hike in Chuckwalla Mountains, East of Indio (1/27) [21 pictures].

Walk on Black Mountain, Cupertino, after snow-fall (2/13) [11 pictures].

First trip to NelsonCove (3/26-28) [93 pictures]

IAGSDC convention in Vancouver (4/13-4/15) [7 pictures]
Seattle visit at end of Vancouver trip. Mostly pictures of/from Space Needle. (4/17-4/18) [12 pictures]

A visit to the Thousand Palms Oasis near Palm Springs (5/4) [2 pictures].

Trip with Peter and Jim to NelsonCove (5/10-11) [32 pictures]

On the way to the Felts family reunion, we stopped in Niagara Falls. We went on the Maid of the Mist boat tour. (6/29) [15 pictures].
Here are miscellaneous pictures from the Ontario (Canada) side (6/29,7/1) [15+1 pictures]
Here are some pictures of the falls from Goat Island on the US side (6/29) [12 pictures]

We stayed in Herkimer, NY for the Felts family reunion. On Saturday we visited a family farm (6/30) [11 pictures]

On a rainy day the family drove out to Hauger. (7/22) [5 pictures]

Some pictures from Lillehammer including Summer ski-jumping. (7/28) [12 pictures]
We stayed one night with my cousin Agnes and her husband Kjell at their cabin at Gålå and went for an evening hike (7/28) [5 pictures]
The next day we drove further into the mountains. (7/29) [7 pictures]
These pictures are from the Jotunheimen mountains. (7/29) [16 pictures]
A hike from Sognefjellshytta to the Smørstabreen glacier on a blustery mountain day. (7/30) [10 pictures]
We continued across the mountain towards the fjord at Skjolden (7/30) [8 pictures]
Then along the two innermost arms of Sognefjorden. (7/30) [14 pictures]
A seemingly flat rainbow over a lake. (7/30) [4 pictures]
Continuing home via the Valdres valley. (7/30) [7 pictures]

Johannes shows us the medival ruins i Gamlebyen, Oslo. (8/1) [8 pictures]

Hiking near Sollihøgda (8/2) [2 pictures]

Before the "Pass Out in the Desert" A/C fly-in in Scottdale, AZ, we drove to Verde Hot Springs (9/7) [5 pictures]. After we toured a bit of Southern Arizona (9/10) [8 pictures].

Another trip to Nelson Cove on September 27 (9/27) [26 pictures]
and next day September 28 (9/27) [20 pictures].

Some pictures looking at rural property:
A 160 acres at Chualar Canyon East of Monterey (3/10) [9 pictures].
500 acre ranch on Gloria Rd in San Benito County (3/10) [5 pictures].
800 acres West Oakhurst on Fresno River (3/26) [10 pictures]. This was the same trip (and earlier the same day) that we first saw Nelson Cove.

Per Bothner
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