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Rattlesnake   2003/05/15. Last of 14

Jim, Nathan, and Per were walking to the Lower falls, getting close to the hole in the fence near the Small Hill, when Jim almost stepped on something. We quickly jumped away when we heard the rattling! This was Jim's first encounter with a rattlesnake.

File name:     NelsonCoveMidMay17.jpg
File size:     403083 bytes
File date:     Mon May 19 18:14:44 PDT 2003
Camera make:   FUJIFILM
Camera model:  FinePix2600Zoom
Date/Time:     2003:05:15 15:32:53
Resolution:    1600 x 1200
Focal length:  18.0 mm (35mm equivalent: 120mm)
CCD width:     5.24mm
Shutter speed: 1/362 sec
Aperture:      F3.5
ISO equiv.:    100
Metering mode: Multi-segment
Exposure:      Program normal
JPG quality:   1.6 bits/pixel

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