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Much of the family went to teh Hauger forest to gather Christmas tree, followed by Christmas porrisge at Solberg.

Visiting Hauger and Solberg   2011/12/18 11:41.  1 of 21

File name:     01.jpg
File size:     1217687 bytes
File date:     Mon Jan 16 10:08:17 PST 2012
Camera make:   SAMSUNG
Camera model:   SAMSUNG WB500, WB510 / VLUU WB500 / SAMSUNG HZ10W
Date/Time:     2011:12:18 11:41:24
Resolution:    3072 x 2304
Focal length:  4.2 mm
Shutter speed: 1/280 sec
Aperture:      F3.3
ISO equiv.:    80
Metering mode: Multi-segment
Exposure:      Program normal
JPG quality:   8276992/6092800 bits/pixel

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