Pictures from 1999

Returning from the JAOO conference in Aarhus, we stopped at the reconstructed Bohus fortress (9/22) [3 pictures].

Outside the Henie-Onstad Center, a modern art museum just West of Oslo. (9/23) [5 pictures]

A visit to the Weding family in Hamar (9/24) [11 pictures].

A trip to Eggedal cabin. (9/25-26) [12 pictures]

Some pictures from the Vigeland statue park in Oslo (9/27).

More images from Oslo (9/18,20,27) [5 pictures].

Our return flight was cancelled, so we were sent on Icelandair. We had 40 minutes to change planes at Keflavik airport (9/28) [5 pictures].

Nathan took these at Scares and Squares, the Halloween fly-in in Portland (10/30) [26 pictures].

Per Bothner
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