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I (Per) was invited to m17n2000, the Fourth International Symposium on Multilingual Information Processing, in Tskukuba, Japan. I arrived Japan Thursday, March 23, 2000, and left Tuesday, March 28. On Monday March 27, I presented a talk on JEmacs.

Most nights I was the guest of Masatoshi Suwabe, who I had met when he visited San Francisco in December 1998. He lives in Kashiwa, a suburb North-East of Tokyo. I stayed one night at the Tsukuba Daiichi Hotel Epochal.

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Masatoshi's home   2000/3/24.  1 of 35

This is the home of my host, Masatoshi Suwabe. He lives in the right part of the duplex; his parents live in the left half. It's about a 10 minute walk from Kashiwa station. Across the street is a school. (That evening, I got lost on my way back from the station. Two taxi-drivers where unable to locate his place given the address. One drove me without charge to the nearest "koban" (police mini-station), where the police looked up the address, and pointed me in the right direction.)