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On arrival, Per and Nathan drove out to "Mother's Point" and unloaded the truck.

Moving shed to Nelson Cove   2003/05/13.  3 of 14

We had left a tarp over the floundation frame. It had filled up with rain-water - on the left you can see where the water gushed out when we drained it.

File name:     NelsonCoveMidMay03.jpg
File size:     382300 bytes
File date:     Mon May 19 18:14:52 PDT 2003
Camera make:   FUJIFILM
Camera model:  FinePix2600Zoom
Date/Time:     2003:05:13 14:40:56
Resolution:    1600 x 1200
Focal length:  6.0 mm (35mm equivalent: 40mm)
CCD width:     5.24mm
Shutter speed: 1/181 sec
Aperture:      F3.5
ISO equiv.:    100
Metering mode: Multi-segment
Exposure:      Program normal
JPG quality:   1.6 bits/pixel

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