Pictures from 2004

Some hikes in the local Bay Area:
A hike at Sierra Azul Preserve, near Mount Umunhum (2/28) [12 pictures].

A trip the Ano Neuvo Elephant Seal reserve (1/18) [17 pictures].

Tom's picnic (4/17) [6 pictures].

A Spring trip to Europe,
with the first day in Paris, including Eiffel Tower (3/23) [? pictures]
The next day we visited the the Louvre (3/24) [? pictures],
and then walked towards the Arc d'Triomphe (3/24) [14 pictures].
The third day we visited Montmartre and Sacre Coeur (3/25) [? pictures],
and Quai d'Orsay museum (3/25) [4 pictures].
Then a weekend outside Geneva (needs organization)
(condition of house Tor is renting)
an overnight stay in Heidelberg (3/29-30) [too many pictures].
After we arrived in Norway, we make a brief visit to the Vigeland park (4/1) [8 pictures].
The next day we went for a walk in the hills near Tanum (4/2).
With Per's family in Bærum (4/3. ...).
Easter skiing at the Eggedal cabin (4/4-5).

A trip to Nelson Cove in March (3/6-7) [14 pictures];
a walk above the East border of Nelson Cove (4/11) [? pictures];
views of April flowers and meadows (4/11).
A trip in post-rain November (11/13) [32 pictures].

A pictures showing images of our Honda after being hit on Stumpfield Mountain Road (4/24).

Per took a separate work-related trip to Paris (6/16. 6/17) [6+7+4 pictures];
including a visit to the Père Lachaise cemetary (6/16) [18 pictures].

We went to the IAGSC Convention Remake the Heatwave (7/1, 7/5) [3+9 pictures].
Afterwards we visited Taliensin West (7/5) [20 pictures],
and got a view from the South Mountains (7/6) (16 pictures).

At the end the A&C fly-in we all went on square-dance cruise on the Tahoe Queen (10/3) [17 pictures].

Visiting Desert Hot Springs for Thanksgiving, we drove through the Orocopia Wilderness (11/24).
Thursday we drove through the high desert area near Pioneertown and watched the odometer pass 100k (11/25) [3+4 pictures].
Friday the family drove through Joshua Tree (11/26).

A pre-Halloween dance at ECR (10/27) [18 pictures}.

Various pictures of Spike.

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