Pictures from 2006

A trip to Nelson Cove in January after framing was started (01/05-06).
A trip later in January, with Peter, after framing continues (01/15).
Installation of the roof trusses. [7 picture] (01/30).
A mid-February trip, with Abe, and meeting Tom and Vo (02/11-12).
construction pictures [5+7 pictures] (02/23, 02/26).
An early March trip (03/02) [9 pictures].
A late March trip (03/22-24).
An exciting trip: First Mark's truck was stuck in the mud, blocking Stumpfield Mountain Road (4/7) [8 pictures].
Then an escapted convict steals one of the worker's truck, almost side-swiping Per while passing. There is a major man-hunt - or rather woman-hunt. The truck is recoved near the Frog Pond, but without the thief - who Nathan startles in our kitchen trailer. We send her on her way; she is captured the next day.
Pictures from the rest of the weekend (04/08-9).
A one-day trip with John (to meet with staircase builder) (04/23).
Two May trips (05/3-5, 05/12).
We had a large group on Memorial Day weekend (05/27-29) [9 pictures].
A mid-June trip trip (6/17-19).
A late June trip trip (6/25).
A early July trip trip (7/4-5).

In the snow in the Santa Cruz Mountains (03/10).

A visit to Norway:
Some pictures flying over Southern Norway towards Oslo (7/11).
Aage and Inger-Johannes's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party at the Drøbak cabin (7/15).
We took the Kroeder historical railroad from Vikersund. (7/16).
At xxx we got off to watch a western show at Deadwood City (7/16).
Cobolt Mines at Modum (7/16).
We stayed at the Tyrifjord Hotel in Vikersund (7/16-17).
A stop at the Vikersund ski jump (7/17).
At the top of the Spriralen in Drammen (7/17).
The 7/18 we flew to Evenes, Northern Norway, with John and Solveig.
A hike near Vikten (7/23).
A sea tour of the islands near Svolvær (7/24).
We took Hurtigruten Northbound at night to Stokmarknes. (7/24-25).

Halloween at El Camino Reelers (11/01).

A young girl lost control of a truck which hit our house (11/08).
Later, contractors fixed the wall and fence (11/28).