Pictures from 2009

From our trip to Norway:
The The Pasvik Valley in Finnmark, near the border with Russia(7/18-19).
The road to the semi-abandoned Hamningberg fishing village was spectacular (7/21).
The Vardøhus Fortress in Finnmark (7/21).
Taking the Hurtigruten steamer from Vardø to Berlevåg (7/21).
Northbound and Southbound Hurtigruten passing each other outside Berlevåg (7/21).
Catching the midnight Sun at Tana Bru (7/22-23).
Catching the midnight Sun at Kirkenes (7/23-24).
A King Crab Safari (7/24).

A drive to Palomar Mountain and Observatory (11/24).

Nelson Cove trip:
In January (01/10 and 01/18).
Following a snowfall in February/a> (02/09-10).
hike South from Nelson Cove (11/15).