Pictures from 2012

Per and some friends viewed the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco (02/11).

We drove to Phoenix (via Palm Springs) to celebrate John Ramuta turning 60 (05/25-26).

In June we got a visit from Per's younger brother John, sister-in-law Solveig, and niece Ingvild.
We visited visited Nelson Cove (06/09-10);
and then visited Yosemite (06/11).
We went to the Children's Discovery Museum (06/14).
One day we went Gilroy Gardens (06/18).

In July/August we got a visit from Per's nephew Simon and niece Selina.
We visited Santa Cruz (07/29).
We had fun at the Upper Falls of Nelson Cove (08/01).
We again visited Yosemite (08/02,08/03).
Some pictures from Great America and San Francisco (07/29,08/04).

In December we drove down to Southern California in conjunction with Roger turning 80. We picked up Per's middle brother Tor at LAX.
We drove through Joshua Tree National Park (12/01).
We visited Borrego Springs and the USS Midway in San Diego (12/02,12/03).

Various Nelson Cove landscapes and more.

Various pictures of our cats Spike, Chauncy, and Scamp/Baby.