Pictures from 2002

Some hikes in the local Bay Area: A hike in Stevens Creek and Fremont Older parks, above Cupertino (1/24) [8 pictures];
on Black Mountain, Cupertino, following snow (dramatic clouds!) (1/28) [8 pictures];
a repeat in Fremont Older open space preserve, this time entering from Regnart Road (2/12) [6 pictures];
and a hike to the top of Mission Peak (3/1) [9 pictures].

Visits to Nelson Cove in February (2/6-7) [4 pictures];
a March hike from the frog pond to the NW corner and back (3/13) [9 pictures];
and an April trip (4/14) [5 pictures].

We drove down to Desert Hot Springs for the birthdays (including a trip to the top of the Tram, and Tim climbing in Joshua Tree) (03/10-11).
On our way back, we made a quick stop in the Saddleback Butte area East of Lancaster, CA. (3/12) [7 pictures]

Some pictures from the JavaOne conference at the Moscone in San Francisco. (3/26) [12 pictures]

To celebrate John Ramuta's 50th birthday we took a ride the Napa Wine Train (5/23) [7 pictures];
and a few days later a cruise on the Hawaiian Chieftain from Sausolito (5/26) [21 pictures].

Four late Spring trips to Nelson Cove (5/10, 5/29-30, 6/5, 6/22) [7+6+6+4 pictures].

A visit to Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy (6/14) [38 pictures].

Hiking up the Chowchilla River and off the Nelson Cove property (6/20) [15 pictures].

We visited Toronto in conjunction with the annual IAGSDC convention (7/4) [9 pictures].

Two trips to Nelson Cove in July and August. (7/27, 8/12) [5+5 pictures];
one in later in August with lots of pictures of grape vines (8/25) [17 pictures];
and a September trip with lots of pictures of possible homesites near small hill (9/15) [21 pictures].

Some pictures from the ConJosé World Science Fiction Convention (8/31-9/2) [4 pictures].
Afterwards, we took Johannes to the Alviso Baylands (9/4) [4 pictures].

When Per's brother John visited in September, we took him to the Sierras:
Mariposa Grove in Yosemite (9/11) [7 pictures].
A hike to Glacier Pointer in Yosemite (9/12).
East of the Sierra Nevadas, we visited the Devils Postpile National Monument at Mammoth (9/13) [6 pictures];
the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest near Bishop (9/14) [17 pictures];
went swimming in the Hot Creek (9/14) [5 pictures];
and stopped at the Tufa formations at Mono Lake (9/14) [4 pictures].

Driving down Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast (9/22) [4 pictures].

We went to Albuquerque for the Chase the Chile fly-in and Ballon Festiva.
Nathan drove and on the way he took some pictures at the VLA Radio Telescope (10/1) [3+20 pictures].
We made trips to the Tent Rocks National Monument (10/3) [14 pictures],
the top of the Sandia Crest (10/3) [3 pictures],
and the Petroglyphs National Monument (10/4) [14 pictures].
We also took pictures at the Ballon Fiesta (10/5) but alas Per dropped the camera and it broke so we only got [3 pictures].

Celebrating the 70th birthday of Roger (Nathan's father) in Santa Cruz and at Roaring Camp (12/8) [30 pictures].

We fly to Norway for to spend Christmas with Per's family.
We drove to and walked through Oslo Center, especially Aker Brygge (12/21) [17 pictures].
Gathering Christmas Trees at Hauger Farm in Skiptvet (12/22) [16 pictures].
Next day sledding with the children in Rykkinn (12/23) [10 pictures].

Per Bothner
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